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Limited Warranty

Except as otherwise stated below, for a period of 1 year after completion of the services, Green Box warrants to the customer that (a) the services will conform to the quote and (b) the services will be free from defects in workmanship.


DRYWALL: Unless specifically quoted, drywall repair/replacement is not included in this work order. Drywall removal is often required for access or installation. Drywall removal and/or damage can occur as part of plumbing, electrical, or HVAC installation or repair. Green Box Mechanical will attempt to minimize drywall removal or damage but the customer is responsible for replacement.

This limited warranty excludes any damage or defect to the extent caused by (a) any work or alterations to the services performed by anyone other than the Green Box (or Green Box’s subcontractors), (b) improper or insufficient maintenance, (c) improper use or operation, (d) normal wear and tear, (e) any portion of the customer’s dwelling or systems not altered or repaired by Green Box as part of the services, (f) any drain cleaning, jetting or clog cleaning subsequent to the drain being cleaned, jetted or a clog removed by Green Box according to the quote, (g) any defective materials, parts, supplies or equipment procured from a third party and/or supplied by the customer, (h) GBM does not warrant our labor or parts installed against failure caused by, contributed in whole or in part by, or resulting from damage from galvanized or CPVC pipes which were present at the time of plumbing work we performed.

ASBESTOS: Green Box Mechanical is not responsible for the determination of the presence of asbestos and/or lead paint in homes or businesses. Customers are responsible for submitting samples of material to determine the presence of asbestos and/or lead paint as required by state and local regulations prior to any work being performed by Green Box Mechanical. If required, the customer is fully responsible for the removal and abatement of asbestos-containing material prior to work being performed. See the link below for more information on homeowner responsibility for asbestos testing.

BASED LEAD PAINT: Homes built before 1978 may have lead based paint. If work requires the disruption of 6 square feet or more, we will test the surface for lead paint and if detected will employ necessary required remediation measures. Please refer to the information provided on our website

Financial Terms: Jobs that require a local permit or are over $200 require a 50% deposit prior to initiation of work with balance due immediately upon work completion. In addition, jobs over $2000 that require cover inspections before final trim work can be done will require an additional 25% progress payment after the first stage of the work is completed.

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