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Why us

We respectfully decline to do
business as usual.

When there’s compatibility, there’s no need for a sales job.

If it sounds corny to say we’ll wow you with customer service, so be it. Because the honest truth is, we don’t deserve your business if we can’t treat you and every other valued customer with respect and dignity. Homeowners across the Portland area have seen first-hand how working with talented plumbing, HVAC, and electrical technicians can make all the difference. It’s in our DNA to be open and collaborative with homeowners, always with the highest level of professionalism.

This means you’ll never hear us criticize our competitors, or berate the work that may have been done before we arrived on the scene. What you will hear is a thoughtful, comprehensive assessment of your project. This will include the mention of very modern smart products that meet your needs while also protecting the environment.

Should you determine Green Box Mechanical to be a good fit for your aesthetics and your project, that would be a happy thing. Contact us today about your next home improvement project!


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