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Learn why you need a bonded and insured Heating and Cooling Technicon for your next project

Bryant - AC, Furnace, Minisplit Portland, OR - Green Box Mechanical
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Our Portland Heating and Cooling Services

Successful heating and cooling projects have everything to do with your overall comfort and quality-of-life at home. Our Portland HVAC technicians have expertise with installations, repairs, replacement, and HVAC maintenance of every type of system.

Look to us for help with air conditioning service and installation, HVAC repair and replacement, furnace repair and installation, forced air systems, filtration systems, heat pumps, and zonal controls. With qualified HVAC technicians near Portland, Or.

We do not upsell or find phantom problems. Trust our expertise and know that we are giving you honest answers.

Green Box Mechanical has served Portland, Oregon’s HVAC contractor needs for years. Contact us today about your upcoming HVAC installation, maintenance, or project.

Bryant - AC, Furnace, Minisplit Portland, OR - Green Box Mechanical


We are proud to be a Bryant Dealer. We believe Bryant Furnaces, AC and Heat Pump's offer a great service history, many efficiency level options, and have a great warranty and life expectancy.

Green Box Mechanical working on Furnace and talking to customer


When you look for an contractor, you should be asking yourself if they have the experience and training necessary for the project. Without a solid knowledge of HVAC products, experience with unique or difficult installations, or a strong awareness of the HVAC installation requirements, your contractor may not be right for your project.

Here are a few questions you should ask before choosing who to work with:

  • Are you a licensed and bonded contractor?
  • How many years of prior experience do you have as an contractor?
  • What training have you received on installation and repair?
  • How will you ensure the quality of the  installation?
  • What are the latest technologies available?
  • Have you installed or repaired the type of products I am interested in?

It’s important to find a contractor you can trust. Here’s a testimonial from one of our recent projects:

“Had them repair an HVAC unit repaired after it went out during the last heat wave. Service was prompt and professional, had the unit up and running very fast. Will definitely use them in the future.”

Contact our HVAC technicians today! We are happy to answer these questions for you and reassure you of our qualifications.

Nic installing a furnace in the attic in Portland Oregon


A heated home is a happy home. When you are facing cold drafts or poor heating in your home, it can ruin your winter—even if Portland winters are mild. Our Portland HVAC technicians are efficient and detail-oriented as they install every furnace.

Contact Green Box Mechanical today to get a new furnace installed in your Portland home.

Nic doing maintenance on a furnace


Your home’s furnace needs regular maintenance to keep your home warm—and safe. Don’t delay getting your furnace unit serviced because you are concerned about cost or who to work with. Our Portland HVAC technicians make furnace maintenance easy.

Furnace Maintenance Consultation

When you call Green Box Mechanical, we will begin by asking you questions about your furnace and your needs. After our original assessment, we will provide you with an upfront price and a checklist of what specific steps our HVAC technicians will perform.

Furnace Maintenance Process

Our technicians follow a specific process or protocol as they work on furnaces. We replace equipment diligently following local code requirements. Manufacturers also have specific repair requirements by which we carefully abide. Before we wrap up the maintenance process, we test the final HVAC operation to be certain the system is fully functional.

You deserve honest answers when getting furnace maintenance. Contact Green Box Mechanical today to have us perform maintenance on your Portland home’s furnace.

Bryant AC at Green Box Mechanical


It seems like every year, the summer heat in Portland is getting more intense. Suffering through a couple of days of heat has now become weeks of heat. Air conditioning systems are a great investment to improve your living conditions at home and the value of your home. Trust Green Box Mechanical to install your system correctly and efficiently.

Air Conditioning Installation Consultation

Call Green Box Mechanical to set up your initial air conditioning system installation consultation. One of our experienced Portland HVAC technicians will then come to your home to inspect. They will explore your home, taking appropriate measurements, and learning from you about your specific cooling problems.

Our HVAC technicians will then review the variety of air conditioning systems available to you that meet your budget and needs. These conversations are no-pressure and we provide upfront pricing so you know exactly what you will spend.

Many homeowners are wary of being ripped off by contractors who oversell repair needs or think the contractor wants to upsell them new equipment. You are under no pressure to accept our HVAC technician’s recommendation.

Air Conditioning Installation Process

We will work with you to schedule the best time to install your air conditioning. When we arrive, our HVAC technicians will efficiently get started on the installation—following local codes and manufacturer recommendations as they work. After the installation is completed, our HVAC technicians will test the air conditioning system. We only confirm the project is complete when we know the system is functioning properly in all spaces of your home.

Need an air conditioning system? Contact Green Box Mechanical for a free consultation.

Bryant AC at Green Box Mechanical


As things begin to warm up in Portland, it’s a great idea to get your air conditioning system checked and have proper maintenance performed. There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioning system go out in the middle of the hottest days of the year. Our technicians can come to your home and perform quick maintenance to make sure you are prepared or fix an existing issue.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance Consultation

Call one of our expert technicians today to talk to them about your air conditioning system and any issues you may be experiencing. Our team is high-trained and have experience with many different air conditioning systems.

After identifying the necessary repair, the HVAC technicians will report and provide a written estimate to complete the repair. We’ll provide you with an upfront price and a clear list of actions to be performed at your home.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance Process

When we service your air conditioning system, we follow all local guidelines and codes. Our technicians are also trained in each manufacturer’s specific repair processes. After we complete the work, we will test the system to make sure the home will be properly cooled.

Prolong the life of your air conditioning system. Contact Green Box Mechanical today to have an experienced HVAC technician service your system.

HVAC installed


Ductless systems are a great option for some Portland homeowners. They need to be carefully installed in order to be most effective. Green Box Mechanical’s Portland HVAC technicians have the experience necessary to help you get the most out of your investment.

Ductless System Consultation

Talk to one of our technicians today about your goals for your home’s ductless system. We will then schedule a visit to your home to inspect and provide a clear quote for the project.

Ductless System Installation Process

At your convenience, we send an technician to your home to install the ductless system. Our team expertly installs these systems as efficiently as possible so you can get back to enjoying your home. We only consider the project completed after every part of the system has been tested.

Get a ductless system for your home with Green Box Mechanicals trustworthy Portland HVAC technicians.


Welcome to Green Box

Whether it’s a plumbing problem, electrical outlet on the fritz, or an HVAC system in dire need of maintenance—finding the right contractors can be stressful. Green Box Mechanical hires only experienced technicians that you can trust to be detailed and thorough with your project.

Learn more by watching our video about how we treat you right!

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