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Beaverton Electrician Services

Learn why you need a licensed electrician near Beaverton OR, for your next residential or commercial project

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Beaverton Electrician Services

The very safety of your home, your children and your pets is in play when it comes to electrical work. The same is true for the basic functionality of everything inside. That’s why our licensed electricians from Green Box Mechanical take particular care to perform electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance tasks to the highest standards from our licensed electricians.

When you search for licensed electricians near Beaverton, Or, keep in mind that we are adept with outlets and switches, light fixtures, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, ceiling fans, electrical panels, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and wiring.

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Electrical issues range from simple to incredibly complex. Hiring an experienced licensed electrician provides assurance that they can competently address any issue.

Before you invite an electrician or an electrical contractor to work on your home, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Are you a licensed electrician?
  • Are you bonded?
  • Are you a member of NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association)?
  • Are you an employee of a company or are you a subcontractor?
  • How many years have you been doing electrical work?
  • Have you performed this specific type of project before?
  • Can you work on residential or commercial?

An electrician from Green Box Mechanical installing an electrical meter


Every home has different electrical needs and requirements. If you are planning on adding on to your home or if your home is struggling to keep up with your electrical demand, contact us to learn how we can help. Make sure you are working with a licensed electrician that can make sure that all electrical circuits perform properly after installation.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Consultation

Before we begin working on your home, we will first evaluate the demand for power throughout your home. We will also ask you about any future plans you have for adding a higher demand for electricity. This will help us determine the necessary electrical panel size.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Process

After collecting that information, we send one of our electricians to your home at your convenience. The process they typically follow is:

  • Remove the old electrical panel
  • Install the new electrical panel
  • Connect existing circuits
  • Add new circuits needed according to plans

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An electrician from Green Box Mechanical installing a new light fixture


You got a new fixture for your home, but you aren’t sure about the best way to install it or if you are doing it according to code. Green Box Mechanical’s electrician can help!

New Fixture Installation Inspection

Our licensed electricians typically come to your home to ensure that the wiring to the fixture is sized appropriately. They then make sure that it will function according to code.

New Fixture Installation Process

  • Remove the old fixture
  • Install the new fixture
  • Test the fixture to assure proper connection

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An electrician from Green Box Mechanical troubleshooting an electrical panel


Dealing with persistent electrical issues in your Beaverton home can be both frustrating and time-consuming. At Green Box Mechanical, our licensed electricians are highly skilled at diagnosing and resolving electrical problems. We prioritize efficient solutions and won't push unnecessary upgrades or services, understanding that your primary goal is to have your issue promptly addressed.

Electrical Troubleshooting in Beaverton - Your Reliable Local Solution

Troubleshooting Consultation: When you reach out to us with a specific electrical concern, whether it's related to an outlet, switch, or circuit, we schedule a troubleshooting consultation. During this phase, we perform a thorough diagnostic test to identify the root cause of the problem.

Our Troubleshooting Process Involves:

  • Comprehensive Examination: We meticulously inspect the functionality of all your outlets, switches, and circuits to pinpoint any irregularities.
  • Issue Replication: To ensure accuracy, we replicate the same issues you've encountered in your home within our testing environment.
  • Exhaustive Investigation: Our experts leave no stone unturned as we check all potential sources of the problem, leaving nothing to chance.
  • Root Cause Determination: With the data gathered during our investigation, we precisely determine the underlying cause of the electrical failure.

Once we've identified the issue, our skilled electricians proceed to promptly repair and fix the problem. Rest assured that your electrical concern is in capable hands, and our focus is solely on resolving it efficiently and effectively.

For top-notch electrical troubleshooting services in Beaverton and the surrounding areas, contact us today. We're your local, trusted partner in solving electrical problems.

An electrician from Green Box Mechanical finding material for a hot tub


When purchasing a new hot tub in Beaverton or nearby, it's important to consider the electrical aspect of its installation. Many people tend to overlook the need for additional electrical work to ensure their hot tub functions correctly and safely in its aquatic environment.

With our electrical service in Beaverton, we specialize in hot tub electrical installation. Our licensed electricians will visit your location and assess the ideal placement for your hot tub. We'll calculate the necessary amperage and determine the distance required for a new electrical circuit based on your specific hot tub model.

The hot tub electrical installation process includes the following steps:

  • New Circuit Setup: After the consultation, our skilled electrical technicians will run a new electrical circuit. This can be accomplished through conduit or trenching, depending on your property's layout and requirements.
  • Electrical Disconnect Installation: We will also install a dedicated electrical disconnect for your hot tub to ensure safety and easy maintenance.
  • Hookup Services: If you request it, we can provide a professional hookup service, ensuring that your hot tub is seamlessly integrated into the electrical system.

Don't let electrical considerations be an afterthought when getting your new hot tub. Our electrical experts in Beaverton are here to ensure a safe and efficient installation, so you can fully enjoy your hot tub experience. Contact us for a consultation today!


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Whether it’s a plumbing problem, electrical outlet on the fritz, or an HVAC system in dire need of maintenance—finding the right contractors can be stressful. Green Box Mechanical hires only experienced technicians that you can trust to be detailed and thorough with your project.

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