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Meter and Mast Installation and Replacement Near Portland, OR

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Meter and Mast Installation and Replacement

In Portland, Oregon, our professional team specializes in seamless Meter and Mast Installation and Replacement services. Whether you're upgrading your service to a higher amperage or need a new meter and mast installed, we've got you covered. Our process begins by coordinating with your utility provider, such as PGE or PPL, to ensure a smooth meter spot check. We recommend initiating this step early for an accurate upfront quote. Once the spot check is completed, our expert technicians will visit your property at a mutually convenient time to assess requirements and provide comprehensive details. With a commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction, we strive to make the installation and replacement process as seamless as possible for our clients in the Portland area. Just need a panel change? We do that as well

Meter and mast installation and replacement in Portland, OR - Green Box Mechanical

Requirements before you call

Before calling us, follow these steps for a smooth meter spot check and potential service upgrade:

  • Contact your utility provider (PGE or PPL) to request a meter spot check and inform them about your intention to upgrade to a higher amperage.
  • Request the meter spot check early in the process to ensure an accurate upfront quote.
  • The spot check typically takes 3 to 5 days, during which a sticker will be affixed to your meter or wall. Your presence is not required during this period.
  • Once the meter spot check is complete and the sticker is in place, we can provide you with a bid for the service upgrade.
  • Our team will visit your property at a mutually convenient time to assess the requirements and provide necessary details.
  • For any questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us. We are committed to assisting you throughout the upgrade.

Contact PGE at 1-800-542-8818

PPL (Pacific Power) at 1-888-221-7070.

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Meter and mast installation and replacement involve several key steps to ensure a safe and efficient electrical system. Here's an overview of the process:

Contacting the Utility Provider:

  • Communicate with the local utility provider, such as PGE or PPL, to request a meter spot check.
  • Inform the utility provider about the intention to upgrade the service to a higher amperage.

Meter Spot Check:

  • The utility provider conducts a meter spot check to assess the suitability of the current infrastructure for the planned upgrade.
  • A sticker is affixed to the meter or wall, indicating that the spot check has been completed.

Upfront Quote and Planning:

  • Based on the spot check results, provide the customer with an accurate and upfront quote for the installation or replacement.
  • Plan the installation timeline and coordinate with the customer for a convenient schedule.

Installation or Replacement:

  • Our professional technicians install a new meter and mast or replace the existing ones according to the approved plan. This can take upwards of 30 days with your utility.
  • Ensure compliance with local electrical codes and safety standards during the installation.

Inspection and Approval:

  • After installation, the electrical work undergoes inspection by relevant authorities to ensure it meets safety and code requirements.
  • Obtain necessary approvals and certificates for the completed work.

Meter and mast installation and replacement require collaboration between the utility provider, skilled technicians, and the property owner to ensure a smooth and compliant process. This comprehensive approach helps guarantee a reliable and safe electrical system for the customer.

Meter change and service upgrade near Portland, Or - Green Box Mechanical

Meter Replacment

Meter replacement in Portland, OR and meter spot checks are integral processes in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of electrical systems. A meter spot check is the initial step, involving an assessment by the utility provider to evaluate the suitability of the existing infrastructure for potential upgrades. This check, by the affixing of a sticker on the meter or wall, is crucial in determining the feasibility and scope of a meter replacement and location. Meter replacement, on the other hand, entails upgrading or substituting the current meter to improve accuracy, accommodate increased electrical loads, or comply with evolving regulatory standards. Skilled technicians carry out the replacement, ensuring seamless integration with the electrical system and adherence to safety protocols.

Meter and mast installation and replacement in Portland, OR - Green Box Mechanical

Mast Replacment

Mast replacement and its location in relation to the meter are essential components of ensuring a secure and efficient electrical system. When considering mast replacement, it is often prompted by the need to accommodate changes in service requirements or to enhance the structural integrity of the system. Skilled technicians carry out the replacement process, adhering to safety regulations and local building codes. The strategic positioning of the mast in proximity to the meter is crucial for seamless functionality. The spot check will be part of this. A mast ensures efficient connectivity and contributes to the overall reliability of the electrical infrastructure.

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