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Natural Gas Installation

Learn why you need a licensed plumber for your gas installation

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Portland Natural Gas Installation

When it comes to gas work, it's best done by professionals. There are risks involved and permits to be pulled when doing any gas work. Green Box Mechanical uses licensed plumbers to install natural gas in Portland, OR. Let's talk about what kind of gas work we do at Green Box Mechanical.


Gas issues range from simple to incredibly complex. Hiring an experienced licensed plumber provides assurance that they can competently address any issue.

Before you invite a plumber or a gas installation contractor to work on your home, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Are you a licensed plumber?
  • Are you bonded?
  • Are you insured?
  • Are you an employee of a company or are you a subcontractor?
  • How many years have you been doing gas work?
  • Have you performed this specific type of project before?

What natural gas installation services do you cover?

Our licensed plumbers from Portland, Or are experts at natural gas work and can help you with the following:

  • Install gas line to new location in home
  • Install and hook up gas to stove, range, or oven
  • Install and hook up gas to furnace
  • Install gas line to fireplace
  • Install and convert water heater to natural gas
  • Install outside gas heaters
  • Install outside gas line to grill
  • Install outside gas to fire pit
  • Install outside gas to generators

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Plumber installed pipes

Installation of Natural gas

For any type of natural gas work, we do an onsite consultation; you and one of our licensed plumbers.

Installation Inspection

Our licensed plumbers typically come to your home to ensure that the stove, range, or oven is sized appropriately. Then send a bid out the same day.

Installation Process

  • Accept bid, and schedule installation
  • Install new natural gas work
  • Schedule pressure test inspection with municipality if required
  • Come back and finish the work and hook up the gas

Can we work with propane?

No. Unfortunately Propane requires a special license to work with. At this time we are not able to help with any type of work with Propane.

Portland permits Green Box Mechanical

What is required to pass inspection for Natual gas in Oregon?

The requirements to pass a natural gas inspection in Oregon are:

  • You have to pass a pressure test with 30PSI per C102.3.1 through C102.3.3
  • For work that is required for more than 10ft or that is in a trench, we are required to have a cover test and pressure test per C102.2 and C102.3

These are full permits by the city or county that an inspector comes out and inspects the work and the pressure of the new natural gas pipe installed. We then come back out to hook up the natural gas.

Learn more about gas codes in Oregon and how we keep you safe

Portland venting Green Box Mechanical

Do you need venting for your APPLIANCES?

Our HVAC team can handle your venting needs.

Typical appliance venting may include:

  • New or repair dryer vent
  • New or repair hood vent
  • New or repair duct work
  • Install stove top hood
  • And a lot more

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