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How our Jetters are rewriting the rules of drain cleaning near Portland, Or

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The method is called hydro-jetting, and it gets the job done while doing no harm.

Green Box Mechanical offers a leading-edge solution for one of the oldest problems in the history of plumbing: the clogged drain. Instead of deploying harmful chemicals and cleaners, we recommend hydro-jetting drain cleaning near Portland Or with the Jetter system.

This is specialized, compact, energy-efficient equipment that delivers high-velocity water pressure through your pipes. The Jetter method gives your drain system a deep and thorough cleaning.

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Whether a commercial or residential Portland property, Green Box Mechanical has the gear to get it right.

This approach is excellent for clearing out blockages stemming from dirt, sludge, rust, minor tree roots, sand, grease, debris, hardened scale and pretty much anything else that might lurk below. It is highly effective, environmentally friendly, and affordable for smaller residential challenges and larger commercial jobs.

The Jetter technique has also proven to be effective for pipe and drain maintenance—especially in restaurants, kitchens and care facilities where grease can be a challenge. Drain cleaning near Portland Or is a smarter and preemptive way to keep pipes as clean and clear as the day they were installed, even when minor tree roots come into play. The same is true when it comes to removing hardened scale.

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Consider the merits of video inspection for your drains.

It may not be all that pleasant to imagine what the inside of your drainpipes look like when clogged. But as drain cleaning pros, we love using video to get a clear look inside—before and after performing a drain cleaning service. It’s the only way to know for sure we’re dealing with, and how well we solved the problem.

Video inspection is the single best method for learning whether pipes that are broken, corroded, cracked or collapsed. After all, pipes can become offset due to the forces of soil shifting, frozen ground, and natural settling. These same factors can cause pipes to “belly”, creating a valley that collects waste. Likewise, video inspection is ideal for finding leaky joints and infiltration by roots. If you are needing drain cleaning or video inspection near Portland Or, contact us today and get your drain cleaned right away.

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