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Going All Electric Near Portland, OR

September 20, 2023
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Many of our customers are deciding to convert their existing gas appliances such as stoves, water heaters and furnaces to electric. Green Box Mechanical can provide comprehensive analysis and service to make that happen!

For stove conversions, we can terminate existing gas lines and run a new dedicated electrical circuit to your new electric stove.

For gas water heaters, we also can terminate the gas line safely and install either a standard electric storage tank style water heater or a “hybrid” heat pump based water heater.

Our electricians can install the necessary circuit and outlet for your new water heater. For heating, there is a major movement now towards a  “heat pump” style heating and cooling system that is electric. Heat pumps can be installed in homes with existing central air ductwork or in homes with no ductwork by using a “mini-split” system with indoor heads installed on walls. Along with our HVAC technician, our electricians can install the necessary circuit and outdoor disconnect outlet.

All of these gas to electric conversions can usually be done with existing electrical capacity in your existing panel.  If your home currently does not have enough capacity for a conversion, our electricians can provide an estimate to you to upgrade your electrical capacity.  With other electrical demand such as electric vehicle charging stations, hot tubs, home saunas and other home improvements, Green Box Mechanical has worked with hundreds of customers to provide upgraded electrical panels to meet increased electrical demand”

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