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Cory Lofland

Journeyman Plumber

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Cory joined Green Box Mechanical in June 2022 when we purchased Craig Anderson Plumbing.  At the time, Cory was an apprentice plumber primarily working on large remodel projects.

Cory is a graduate of Lincoln High School.  Cory has long had an interest in eventually building his own home on property with outbuilding to serve his many interests including woodworking, cars and other projects.   This interest led him to think about joining the trades so he would have the ability  to do most of construction work himself.   Cory knew Craig Anderson through Craig’s son Trask.  Cory let Craig know of his interest in becoming a plumber and eventually was accepted into the apprenticeship program and began his apprenticeship with Craig’s company.

Since joining us, Cory has now become a journeyman plumber.   Cory continues to focus on working on large remodel projects but is also doing some service work.  He has experience in drain and water line installation, fixture installs, water heater installation and water service replacement.

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